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Hanamarunihongo School Shimane School

Representative profile

Daisaku Yanagihara

Representative Director of Hanamaru JAPAN Co., Ltd.

Representative of Hanamarunihongo School

Born April 24, 1979, Birthplace: Yamaguchi Prefecture

2002: Graduated from Osaka Gakuin University Faculty of Foreign Studies

Hobbies: Liquor, Sports & Music, Agriculture & Cooking, etc.

People I admire: Ryoma Sakamoto, Tetsuya Takeda






From 2019:

Cairns Trinity Bay, Queensland, Australia

Debuted as a Japanese teacher at State High School

Thammasat University Lansit Campus, Pathum Thani Province, Thailand

Japan Center Japanese Teacher

Chief of Education, JAT Japanese Language School, Bangkok, Thailand

Representative of Hanamarunihongo School in Pathum Thani Province, Kingdom of Thailand

Shimane Prefecture Hanamaru JAPAN Co., Ltd. Representative Director

Message from the President

Hanamaru Japanese Language School was established in 2012 in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand, and supports students who are trying hard to achieve their dreams and goals in Japan through learning Japanese. "Hanamaru Japanese Language School India School" in Bangalore, Republic of India in 2021 to build a society that coexists with multiple cultures while learning Japanese with international students from other countries and continuing education in Japan as well as sending out from Thailand. , "Hanamaru Japanese Language School Shimane School" will be established in Shimane Prefecture.

Thanks to the pure and joyful smiles that my students show when I understand the Japanese I taught in class, I have been expanding my activities in various countries as a principal while continuing for 19 years as an active Japanese teacher. For those who are learning Japanese, instead of "for the time being", while having international exchanges with local people, by studying abroad for the next course, we will become a bridge between the two countries and grow as a human resource who can contribute to our home country. I hope you want it.

"Hanamaru" is a flower-shaped circle that the teacher draws as a reward for students who get a perfect score at a Japanese school. We will teach you the fun of Japanese and promise to do your best to help you realize your dreams and achieve your goals. I hope that you will sow a lot of "experience" and add a big "hanamaru" to your life.


January 2012 Hanamaru Japanese Language School Thailand opened

October 2020 Established Hanamaru Japan Co., Ltd.

January 2021 Hanamaru Japanese Language School India School opened

April 2021 Hanamaru Japanese Language School Shimane School opened

School lessons

1, Human resource development through Japanese language education

Let's make Japan a second home by learning Japanese.

2, Human resource development through study abroad

By graduating from a Japanese educational institution

Become a human resource that adds value to Japan and your home country.

3, Human resource development through manufacturing

Become a human resource who can create people who can make things with attractive Japanese technology.

What are successful students in Japan?

1: Students who love talking and are positive about everything

2: Students who feel grateful for the opportunity given

3: Students who can understand various circumstances in Japan and can continue to like them

4: Students who can emphasize future human resource development

5: Students who have big dreams , do not shake, do not give up, believe, and can continue

Failure in the first year (everything is fresh)

Reflection in the second year (with a humble feeling)

Practice from the 3rd year (win trust)

Benefits of fulfilling your dreams at Hanamarunihongo School

About Shimane Prefecture

Shimane Prefecture is located in the Chugoku region of Honshu (Yamaguchi Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture), and is surrounded by abundant nature all year round, and many historical buildings such as World Heritage Sites remain. Hiroshima Prefecture, where the international airport is located, is a 2-hour drive. Focus on your studies on weekdays and refresh yourself with shopping and leisure on weekends and long vacations.


School location

Shimane Prefecture

Yamaguchi Prefecture

Hiroshima Prefecture

Fruits of Shimane Prefecture

Traditional sweets from Shimane, Yamaguchi, and Hiroshima prefectures

Traditional dishes from Shimane, Hiroshima, and Yamaguchi prefectures

Shimane Prefecture's traditional culture

Shimane Prefecture Traditional Festival

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