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Hanamaru Japanese Language School Thai School

School scenery


Japanese language education

At our school, international students going on to Japan, Japanese company employees seconded to Japan, technical intern trainees who want to learn Japanese agriculture and technology

We teach Japanese language to less than 200 Thai people a year.


Study Abroad Promotion Project in Japan

From 2017, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education of Thailand and Japanese companies, Japanese language education will be provided to those who wish to study abroad in Thailand.

We have started a business to study abroad at an agricultural vocational school.


Partners and exchanges


International exchange business

-Visit to Shimane University, Shimane Prefectural University, Shimane Prefectural Government, Private Companies, JA Shimane-

Six years have passed since the exchange with Shimane Prefecture, which began with the regional revitalization group "Matsudaira Village School" in Gotsu City, Shimane Prefecture. Many Shimane prefecture groups

We have visited our school and have been conducting tours and international cultural exchanges with students.


Manufacturing Business ~ Hanamaru Agricultural Business ~

In order to practice "creating people while making things" at our school like a company, the only thing I can do in Thailand is agriculture.
We produce melons and bananas together with students and use part of the proceeds as study abroad support funds.


Social Contribution Project-Support for Hygiene Education in Northern and Northeastern Thailand-

In northern and northeastern Thailand, many students still go to and leave school barefoot, and more than 40% of students per school have parasites in their stomachs due to soil infections from their limbs and oral infections from the habit of eating raw meat and insects. The problem I'm having hasn't been improved. We are conducting research and hygiene education on what kind of support and guidance is needed in collaboration with Japanese medical colleges.


Social Contribution Project-Support for Sprinkle Distribution in Northern and Northeastern Thailand-

School lunches in northern and northeastern Thailand have white rice, but many cafeterias have almost no side dishes, and we support the free distribution of nutritious sprinkles, which originated in Kumamoto Prefecture, as a side dish.

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