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Hanamaru JAPAN Co., Ltd.

Hanamaru Japanese Language School Shimane School Established Motivation

Why Japanese Language School in Gotsu City, Shimane Prefecture?

Childhood spent in my father's hometown of Gotsu

It was because I wanted my students to grow up in Gotsu City, which is rich in nature and full of humanity, which is also the basis of self-growth.

Originating from rural areas, not from urban areas
If you study abroad to achieve your goal from going on to employment in rural areas instead of in urban areas, it will not be just a memory creation, but growing up in rural areas will give you an opportunity to reconsider your home country. We want to create an educational facility that provides a foothold for becoming human resources who can play an active role in both countries.

Regular living environment for international students

There are few temptations for commercial facilities and entertainment facilities in the city, and we would like to promote education that can contribute to reducing the burden on international student expense supporters and build positive ideas that can be created from "nothing".

Why study Japanese in Japan?

~ Learning belonging to Japan ~

Approximately 400 international students and technical intern trainees have been sent from Thailand, but there are still few successful cases of returnees due to the following reasons.
1: For what and for whom study abroad and practical training
2: Studying abroad has ended with only entertainment and part-time work.
3: The purpose of the technical intern trainee has become a migrant worker.
4: Many students have no choice but to give up their studies due to their parents' financial strength and return to their home countries.
5: After returning to Japan, I don't make use of what I've learned, thinking about my next destination, or enrolling in the Japanese language department of a university in Thailand, wasting my time in elementary-level study.

~ Short-term intensive Japanese learning that can only be done in Japan ~

Through education that gives dreams and purposes, the significance of learning Japanese is further clarified, matching between professionals and companies, and qualifications of local companies while learning Japanese as "human resources who can make things + Japanese". Through external activities, we will promote human resource development that will lead to employment after graduation.

Japanese Language Education / Tourism / Agriculture ~ Gotsu City, Shimane Prefecture ~

Gotsu City, Shimane Prefecture. From Fukuoka, the nearest airport from Thailand, and from Hiroshima prefecture, based in Gotsu city, Shimane prefecture, where the sea, mountains, rivers, and hot springs are all natural, promote international exchange in Japanese language education, introduction of traditional culture through tourism, agriculture, etc. I will come.

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